GECLID is an interlaboratory comparisons' program for immunology labs

Biological samples within the program are usually real samples, of non-repetitive patients, who are recruited by different health centers, similar to the cases you may receive any day. GECLID has Immunologists, health professionals, who provide their experience andvision for management and workflows of the program. The head of this program since its beginning in 2011, Dr Carmen Martín, is as well an Immunologist, ready to help you with any questions related to the controls and other issues related to both quality and diagnosis .

You can enroll the program all along the year at GECLID website and -if you recorded your registration with your user-, you can recover all your data and just modify what you need in less than 2 minutes . If you are new by us or you hadn't your registration recorded last year, you can also register from the web ( ) . Shipping schedule is also available at .


IQ179 Immunoproteins (Igs, C3, C4, C1ihn, C1q, B Factor, RF y RCP)

This scheme comprises Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE), complement (C3, C4, C1inh, C1q, B Factor ) and RCP and Rheumatoid Factor; results for B factor will be collected in the rounds ß (beta, second) and ε (epsilon, fifth).

IQ2 IgG subclasses

IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4

IQ3 Specific IgE (native and recombinan allergens)

IgE results recognizing different allergens, including recombinant ones

IQ4 Serum paraproteins

Detection and typing of monoclonal components (Igs, light chains) in serum

IQ5 Urine paraproteins

Detection and typing of monoclonal components in urine

IQ6 Oligoclonal Bands

Detection and identification of IgG band patterns in pairs CSF-serum for the diagnosis of MS

IQ8 Functional complement

Functional capacity, hemolytic activity and inhibitor C1 activity aimed at the diagnosis of HAE

IQ11 Response to vaccination

Antibodies in response to vaccines

IQ14 IFN Production in response to pathogens

IGRAS, interferon gamma release assays

IQ15 Anti TNF therapy monitoring

Detection and analysis of anti-TNF drugs (etanercept, adalimumab, infliximab) and antibodies

IQ16 Soluble CD25

Detection and (semi) quantitative analysis of soluble CD25 in serum


This is a joint quality control of the Iberian Society of Cytometry and the Spanish Society of Immunology

IC1 Lymphocytes

% and count of lymphocytes T, B & NK

IC2 Stem Cells

Counts and% of viable CD34 + and CD45 + populations

IC3 Residual leukocytes

Leukocyte count in leukoreduced blood products for quality control

IC48 Immunophenotype (Leukemia / Lymphoma) and M.R.D.

Lineage, stage and diagnosis of leukemia and MRD by flow cytometry

IC5 Lymphocyte function

Included in this scheme are tests for lymphocyte proliferation in response to mitogens and the production of ATP by CD4 + in response to PHA

IC6 Innate function

Oxidative burst and phagocytosis

IC7 Molecular diagnosis of Leukemia

Clonality T / B, BCR / ABL p210 and p190, PML-RARA, FLT3 ITD and ITK, rearrangements of IgH and TCR, mutations in the CALR, MPL and JAK exon 12

IC9 Anti-CD20 therapy (rituximab) monitoring

High sensibility detection and count of B cell populations (memory, plasmablasts...)


AU1 Autoantibodies related to hepatic and gastric pathologies

Anti gastric parietal cells (GPA), AMA, ASMA, LC-1, LKM

AU2 Antinuclear antibodies - ANAs

ANAs, ENAs and related

AU3 Anti-Thyroid antibodies

In this scheme you can compare your results for antibodies Anti TSH receptor ;Anti thyroperoxidase (TPO) and Anti thyroglobulin (TGB)

AU5 Diabetes related antibodies

ICAs, anti GAD, anti-IA2, anti-insulin (IgG and IgA)

AU6 Anti-Phospholipid antibodies

This scheme includes tests for the detection and quantification of IgG and IgM anticardiolipin and anti-ß2 glycoprotein I.

AU7 ANCAs and GBM (related antibodies)

p-ANCA, c-ANCA, x-ANCA, MPO, PR3, MBG, elastase, lactoferrin

AU8 Coeliac Disease related antibodies

EMAs, deamidated gliadin,tisular anti-transglutaminase, IgG and IgA

AU9 Anti Cyclic Citrullinated Peptides Antibodies

anti CCP

AU16 Antineuronal antibodies

anti Hu, Ri, Yo, Ta, Ma, in paraneoplastic syndromes

AU17 Anti Phospholipase A2 receptor antibodies

Anti RPLA2,

AU18 Calprotectin

Fecal Calprotectin, in IBD

AU22 Autoimmunity Cases (IFI Images)

Pattern idetification on IIF images with clinical data. Educational Scheme


HLA1 Serological typing of HLA

Serological typing, class I HLA

HLA2 Disease-related HLA

HLA B-27


Coeliac Disease related HLA

HLA3 Crossmatch

Crossmatch by CDC and flow cytometry

HLA4 Anti-HLA Antibodies

anti HLA: CDC, screening and single antigen identification of anti-class I and class II HLA antibodies

HLA5 Low Resolution DNA-based HLA typing (class I and II)

Low resolution typing of loci HLA-A, HLA-B (and HLA-C as an option), HLA-DRB1(optional: HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB4, HLA-DRB5,HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1)

HLA6 High resolution HLA DNA typing (class I and II)

High resolution typing of loci HLA-A, HLA-B (and HLA-C as an option), HLA-DRB1(optional: HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB4, HLA-DRB5,HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1, HLA-DPA1, HLA-DPB1).

HLA8 Chimerism

Chimerism assays on blood mixtures

HLA9 KIR Typing

2DL1, 2DL2, 2DL3 , 2DL4 , 2DL5 , 2DS1 , 2DS2 , 2DS3 ,

2DS4 , 2DS5 , 2DP1 , 3DL1 , 3DL2 , 3DL3 , 3DS1 , 3DP1

HLA11A HPA typing

Plaquetary antigen typing HPA (1,2,5,15)

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